Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Beginning

Yes, it was 22 years ago when I became the first marketing coordinator for Israeloff, Trattner & Company in Valley Stream, NY (the firm has since moved to Garden City). Little did I know that this was the start of my accounting marketing career! The firm had 20+ partners, most of whom wanted nothing to do with a marketing coordinator. In fact, the partner-in-charge of marketing wanted me fired because he thought that I was too quiet! (Now, those of you who know me must be very amused!) Fortunately, I had a very marketing-oriented, supportive managing partner in Bob Israeloff.

What were a few of my first lessons as a CPA firm marketing professional? First, I discovered the partners who were interested and motivated in working with me. The others were probably relieved. Second, I read as much as I could about professional services marketing and started building my network. Third, I started learning not to take things too personally. Remember, at that point, CPA firms were allowed to market their services for just six years. I represented change, something many CPAs are uncomfortable with. These lessons are still relevant for every accounting marketer.

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joel prof said...


Great job on your new Web site.

I remember when I was your MBA thesis adviser way back in __ (:-)). You were a pioneer even then as the first person to do a study on the marketing practices of small accounting firms. It was an impressive job -- and you have done wonderfully since then.



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