Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Key Elements of a Client Satisfaction Program

As follow up to today's webinar, "Client Satisfaction and Service: How to Retain Clients and Grow Revenue in a Recession," here are the key elements of a client satisfaction program.

The bottom line is that every CPA firm claims to deliver excellent client service. How does your firm support that claim? Do you have a formal client satisfaction and retention program? If not, today is the day to start.

How to Ask
• Written surveys (mail, online)
• Interviews
• Clients panels, focus groups
• Short surveys after completion of engagements
• Events: Seminars, social events (golf, theatre, etc.)
• Communication: Newsletters, e-newsletters

What to Ask
• How you were selected: Competitive fees, Industry expertise, Location, Integrity and ethics, Personal relationships, Professionalism, Range of services, Reputation , Size of the firm, Technical expertise
• What do you enjoy most about working with ?
• What are you dissatisfied about with your relationship with ?
• What do you think differentiates (your firm) from other accounting firms?
• In the past year have you considered changing CPA firms? If yes, why?
• Questions regarding referral activity, quality/timeliness of services, frequency/quality of communications, their engagement team,
• Cross-selling questions: You are currently providing, Another Company is Currently Providing, Planning to Purchase in the Next 12 Months
• Rate value for fees paid

When to Outsource
• When you don’t have the internal resources
• When you are interested in obtaining more unbiased feedback

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